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Your Tax Savers for 2016 – 2017

With only two months to the end of financial year, 2016 – 2017, those who have still not completed their tax planning have five best options for tax savings till 31st of March, 2017....

Financial Wellness 4

Simple steps to Financial Wellness

20 Simple steps to Financial Wellness The general perception of people is that it’s not quite possible to realise all their financial goals/dreams without having a high salary or a rich family background. This...



Surgical Strike by the King In a certain kingdom, few rich people had illegally built huge storage tanks to store water and started selling it to the poor at unreasonable costs. The poor had...


House property income

INCOME FROM HOUSE PROPERTY: Excerpts of Tax Implications Among the sources of income, “Income from House Property” is one such aspect to be considered by the Tax Assessee while computing the Annual Income. Constitution...


FD & RD for short-term Investments – Why?

The investment pattern of Indian homes are mainly based on comfort level of the investor which is a mindset coming down from generations. Earlier, domestic investors found the Banks the safest place to park...

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