abundance in life


FD vs Equity!

Paradigm Shift! FD versus Equity. In strength there is weakness. Wherever the leader is strong who believes in creating more leaders within his team, there is an opportunity for the new leaders to turn...


Financial Independence!

Simple ways to Financial Independence One of our greatest goals in life is to become financially independent, to reach a point where we never have to worry about money again. Fortunately we are living...



Politics in the “SIP” World! Once there was a very enthusiastic king who wanted to become most wealthy and powerful. He had employed SIP workers who arduously served him day and night. But he...



Buddha’s Lesson On Volatility We all have heard or read about Gautam Buddha sometime or the other in our life. As you know, Buddha was a great sage based on whose teachings Buddhism was...


India is Rich. But, are Indians rich?

India is a rich country. But, are all Indians rich? A recent global wealth report shows that 95% of Indian population has wealth below Rs.6.5 lakhs. 3% are considered middle class with a net...

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