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Why I do what I do!

rs-photo-6Growing up I had to deal with lot of pain and turmoil due to lack of money.

I still remember the knots in my stomach, in my 4th grade, when we had to sell our only house to clear our debt.

What I felt then is inexplicable. We were helpless and vulnerable. I learnt then what it is to feel trapped in poverty, sufferings and humiliation.

These phases in my life taught me practical and vital lessons which helped me successfully attain financial freedom at the age of 48.

During this journey of mine, I noticed how most people suffer in their lives and take their dreams directly to their grave. With financial education and proper guidance one can easily attain financial freedom and have a Spectacular life.

I have experienced both the dark and bright side. Therefore, I understood the importance of imbibing financial knowledge. Unfortunately, our education system hasn’t recognized the importance of financial education. Thus, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help people attain financial freedom. THIS IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO!

With this motive, i founded “Abundance in Life” in the year 2008.

I was fortunate enough to learn important lessons at an early age. My engineering background, a certification from FPSB India as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and my team has helped me transform thousands of people both in India and overseas.

With close to 40 years of research in the field of behavioral finance, we have developed innovative money games to educate and empower people to take their financial lives more seriously.

Our passion is to educate people about practical money skills so that they develop a positive attitude towards money matters. These innovative methods and money games has proved to be very effective.

We encourage individuals to create a “life time Financial Road Map” for themselves and take appropriate action to attain financial freedom and have a Spectacular life.

Why Abundance in Life?

Abundance in Life believes in the principles of Nature. As is well known, Nature has created everything in Abundance and has provided equal opportunities to every human being. But, in reality, a handful control the major portion causing the others to face scarcity.
We have understood this and have created a concept called “Our Relationship With Money” by following the principles of nature. Thus leading to equitable distribution and financial well-being.
Our 14 step proprietary process to attain Financial Freedom has evolved as an outcome of our pioneering work and umpteen years of research.
Financial Education is a life time process based on Trust and Confidence and our vision is to create that Trust and Confidence through our “Financial Literacy programs”.

Abundance in Life is a pioneer in the field of Financial Education and Practical Money Skills.

We wish everyone Financial freedom and a life full of joy.

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